Maybe We Should

Maybe We Should is a contemporary dance work for two performers. This dance began in a collaborative choreography assignment at Roehampton University as part of the MFA programme. Tiffany Gibson and Virginia Munday began reflecting on coming of age and became interested in the inevitable changes throughout their childhood. Moments that are uncomfortable, challenge our attention spans, and the complexities of friendship came to the forefront of research interests for the assignment. Two dancers coexist in a world of vibrant, colorful, crumpled paper littering the stage. The lights come up on two women spinning in a field of wadded paper, staggering as they struggle to deal with their dizziness. Finding each other and achieve safety and composure as they find themselves holding  hands. The pair make their way around the stage finding moments of startling unison followed by moments where each dancer is distracted by the paper landscape at their feet. There is a  sense of a close bond between the pair. An eerie foreboding creeps in as the two never make eye contact even through delicate, tender moments in close proximity. Humor, subtlety, in our own world, imaginary friends, coexisting without acknowledgement of each other.

Images by Eulanda Shea Photography